Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's The HoliGay Season...

And whoopty doo and hickory dock I'm here to help you chop chop chop! I'll be cookin' in the kitchen yeea!

Okay! okay! That wasn't my best lyric but they can't all be gems!! Well folks the holigays are upon us once again and I'm here to reflect a little on the past year and give you some of my fav picks for the food lover in your life!!

The holigays are always a nostalgic time for me. Thinking of when my brother and I were young, fighting over who gets to play the Atari next. Momma Gladys makin' a pork shoulder and cookin' up a storm, A Christmas Story playin on the television and joy all around us. Now we are all older, Cesar  has a wife and family of his own to create new memories, Momma G is a little less inclined to surprise me with a gift from Santa and rather tells me what I'm getting. Throw a little family drama in the mix and the holidays are less than gay.

I mean why is it that when you get older the fun, mystery and that overall sense of the joy of Christmas giving kinda dissipates? I can't speak for all of you for sure, but I know amongst my family and friends no one is ever excited as I am to be in the hustle and bustle of shopping and winter. Everyone is hard-up and stressed out about cash and overall just wants it to be done with. BUT when it's over is like "Awww, it went by so fast!" WHAT?

I don't get it but there is another clue into how I will know I have met the man that is going to be my husband. Besides being assertive and outgoing, he will love the holidays for sure! I mean is it really so wrong to want/have a Bing Crosby/Judy Garland style white Christmas?!?!

Anywho, This past year has been amazing! I mean freakin' amazing! Who knew when I started this little blog the out pouring of love, support and all things good and yummy would come of it!?!? I am so thankful for all of you, my readers and supporters! This little gay cook couldn't have asked for anything more this holigay season....but if I were to ask for something here would be my favorite picks of the season! Feel free to send me any or all of these!

I will always start with a cute Kitchen-Aid Mixer (cause I still don't have one) maybe in hot pink or turquoise or anything gay and fab!

I was also really surprised about how gay fabulous everything was on the shelves of Williams Sonoma & Sur La Table

Cuisinart had an array of rainbow colored items from ice cream makers to hand mixers to immersian blenders.

I think everyone needs a rainbow wooden spoon in their life! Put the gay right into your sauce! Don't you get any ideas!

This popcorn maker seemed really awesome! My air popper shoots the kernels everywhere!

I love this popsicle maker from Zoku!!  It can make a popsicle in something like 6 minutes!! WHAT!?!

Breville is bringing it with this cute personal pie maker! Set it & forget it folks!

Joseph Joseph is reinventing the kitchen tools and creating them to make more sense. Like these utensils with built in rests or a cutting board that folds! They also come in a variety of fun colors!
I saw this quick whipped cream maker doo-dad at Williams Sonoma and no one could tell me how quick it actually was. So just for curiosities sake I want one to play with. I mean I am a masterbeater after all....

Could you imagine having your own home rotisserie? Cuisinart makes one. I hardly have room for my bed in my apartment with all my kitchen appliances but I'd plug it in the bathtub if I got one! (Not recommended by the way!)
Or if you're thinking about what to get for a cute stocking stuffer (shhhh....) These rubber gloves by Gloveables are super fab! (So many jokes can be made..I know..)
Did I mention I wanted a Kitchen-Aid?

A hot boyfriend would be nice to have for Christmas too wouldnt it? Maybe one covered in sprinkles?
mmm...Yigit Pura...

That's all for now my little Elves! I encourage you to enjoy every last minute with your loved ones this year. Who cares if the money is tight, the family is fighting, the pheasant isn't succulent enough. Remember why we are doing all of this and bask in the glory of the spirit of Ol' Saint Nick!

Deliciously Christmasing,

Michael Muñoz
The Gay Gourmet!™

©2011 Michael Muñoz

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