Friday, December 2, 2011

Saucy Pizazz!

Some would say I have a way with words, I would say I am just expressive and the rest would say I have no filter! I guess that's why I can be such a fire starter (all puns intended) sometimes! That's where my tag line comes from...what tag line? Fearless cookin' with a side of saucy pizazz of course! Where am I goin' with this? Who knows?

In an attempt to create a fabulous/seamless way into my love for all things that are sauce and dips that's how I began and this is where I'll just get to the point.
Inspired by my recent trip to Leña and Chef Ronny's diligence to bring you great Latin cuisine I decided to try his recipe for Chimichurri. (If you have no clue about what I am speakign of click here -> Read My blog more often!) It's sweet, herby, spicy and oh so good. I marinated chicken breasts in it over night and served it up for lunch with a black bean and corn salsa & avocado!

Ladies and those pretending...I give you... Ms. Chicky Chimichurri!
(This would be her song -> Werq)

First make Chef Ronny's Chimmichurri


1 Cup of chopped Parsley no stems
1 Cup of chopped Cilantro some stems
5 Garlic cloves minced
2 Shallots minced
1 Cup Olive oil to cover
1/2 Cup of Rice vinegar
1 Tbsp of Red pepper flakes
Salt and pepper to taste

Make sure to chop the parsley and cilantro by hand with a knife, never use a robocup,
is faster but it will be very bitter.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and let marinate for 12 hours.

Now if you are impatient like I am you'll make it and use it..but like with lots of things it does get better with age.

I marinated two large chicken breasts that I cut in half over night in about 1/3 cup of the sauce reserving the rest for other garnish, dipping and other fun things. (Don't you get any ideas)

Next make my Blackbean & Corn Salsa

1 can black beans (low sodium is best)
1 small can white corn
1 red onion diced & rinsed
4 jalepeños de-ribbed, seeded & diced
1/3 cup of fresh chopped cilantro
1/4 cup of fresh chopped oregano
1/4 cup olive oil
1 lime juiced
Salt and pepper to taste

This is super easy to make...

 Throw all ingredients into a bowl, salt and pepper to taste. You can choose to let it sit and marinate or just eat it asap!

Whilst all of that is sitting make the chicken. Pull out your grill pan, get it nice and hot and throw those breasts on the fire for about 7 mins or so each side!

Put it all on a plate with some fresh avocado slices and garnish with some extra chimichurri! Enjoy cause she's truly a delight!!

Choochy Choochy darlings!

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz
The Gay Gourmet!™

©2011 Michael Muñoz

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