Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Frankly!™ Ep.1 Frankly asks who is The Gay Gourmet™?

Frank is an everyday guy. Borough born & bred he goes to work, comes home, has a beer..lives the Italian American dream! He is also the annoying next door neighbor who always has something to say, an opinion to give or a question to ask... and always unprovoked!

In this first Episode of Frankly!™ Frank knocked on my blog door to find out who I am...

Well Frank, I'm glad you're curious! The Gay Gourmet™ is not a what it's a whom! And the Whom is me! Michael Muñoz! I had this idea two years ago, while watching and being bored by normal cooking shows, to put together a show that encompasses my love for food, musical theatre, style & culture. A reality/variety/cooking show if you will. Well, 2 years later here we are with the blog and a lot of momentum and I couldn't be happier!

Things to coming in the next weeks/month.. The Gay Gourmet™ theme song, fun musical food dance numbers, more recipes, interviews an lots of gay love from yours truly.

So no I unfortunately haven't come across a gay carrot just yet..but if I do I'll be sure to save it for you. As for what's "gay" about it.. I guess it's just one gay man's opinion on the world as he sees it..fortunately it revolves around good food and gay(happy) times!

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz
The Gay Gourmet™

©2010 Michael Muñoz

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