Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well Gays, Lesbians, bachelorettes, fruit flys, Jerseyites and everyone in between Hells Kitchen welcomed a new fancy GAY bar last night called Industry! Owners Bob Pontarelli and Stephen Heighton (of Barracuda & Elmo fame) boasted a 4,000 square foot space with a game room complete with pool table, performance space, lounge & party room with a private bar and boy did they come through! Just walking up to the front door one gets this feeling that the space is going to be intimidatingly huge and fabulous!

I walked in last night not knowing what to expect with it being a Tuesday night & ass-cold outside! What I walked into was a party to which I was apparently late and it was only 8:45pm! Mind you the doors opened at 8! The space upon walking in was not the intimidatingly huge that one gets from the entrance but warm and cozy as it is sectioned off in a fabulous way...oh yea and gorgeous with tons of amber lighting! (which really is the best lighting..why everywhere isn't amber lit is beyond me) People were already knees deep in liquor and fully exploring the space. What was a Gourmet to do but jump right into a Hendricks gimlet and booty shake it through the space myself!

4,000 sq feet indeed..I mean I didn't measure it but I'm pretty good at guestimating size if you know what i mean! (Don't you get any ideas) The performance space is a good size with a cute loungey area and the back bar was definitely the place to be as it was a little hidden and therefore easier to get a drink! (What? I like a good gimlet!)

I knew I was in love immediately for a few reasons...Lady Bunny spinning hot tracks all night & dancing her face off in the booth, Flotilla De Barge whom I haven't seen out in forever, Hendricks & Stoli Wild Cherry were amongst the liquors behind the bar, hot boys a-plenty and some of my favorite faces from the hood were in attendance!

Rumor had it that Natasha Bedingfield was playing at 12:30am but this Gourmet has been having long days and needed to get some shut eye before work so unfortunately I couldn't stay much past midnight. A source told me that at 1am she still hadn't gone on so maybe it was just a rumor in passing? I guess I'll have to see what the neighborhood buzz is to really find out!

A Homo-fabulous mention has to go out to the boys of OutspokenNYC who helped get that party started by throwing their first Tweet-up party! @aurosan @TJKelly10 @StevieNYC @jonathan_bender @TylerHWilliams (of Queery The Gay Gourmet™ fame) @DrCorton @Pardee are certainly gay, opinionated and super fun to be around! It was great to finally meet and connect with them seeming how our twitter conversations and recommendations are endless!! Maybe it's even time to join forces and write a joint blog or do a Gay Gourmet™ homo-fab video blog just for you all!! Who knows?!?

What I do know is that Hell's Kitchen is now more fabulous than ever with this new addition and if you are in the hood definitely stop by and check them out! Tell them I sent you! It may not get you very far but at least you'll be the fabulous one in the know!!

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz
The Gay Gourmet™
©Michael Muñoz 2010

Photo Highlights from the opening!!

The Gay Gourmet™ & Tyler H Williams finally meet!

Fabulous friends - Anthony & Francesca Darling!

Of course I had to get in the middle!

Hey Ladies!

Werqin' a hot orange chain that I thought was yellow last night!

Flotilla Photo Shoot!

Paige Turner & I in our bathroom Headshot shoot!

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