Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's The HoliGAY Season!

So I know I've been MIA for over a week but between working like a slave and baking up a storm to send out my Gay Gourmet™ holiday packages and I haven't had a moment to breathe, blog, nor shop for people's Christmas gifts! Well, except for Momma Gladys who is getting fabulous items as always! (I mean I had to go through a bottle of Visine® tired eye relief I've been working so hard!)

So let me catch you up and share some last minute gift ideas as I scramble to make some last minute purchases myself!!


Well my good friend and NYC employee Christopher Miller had his annual HoliGAY party which is always a blast! I have to mention it for three reasons...

1. I always end up drinking a little too much. I'm always surprised by how drunk I am and how quickly it happens! (see exhibit A) But I'm always glad I'm in good company that is equally as jolly!!

2. Chris is not a cook but boy does he know how to order some pasta for a house full of Gays and employ his friends to make dessert! I always say if you really can't cook then you better have a little black book set aside of people who can! Special shout outs have to go to that lasagna that was delivered and John Mcgarry who can throw down when it comes to holigay cookies!!

(Exhibit A.)

3. I ended up bringing a faboo holigay cocktail! (and I ask how'd i get so drunk..ha)

The Caramel Apple Bowl

1. Bottle Svedka Vanilla - (I know, I know..I'm Stolichnaya Vodka's biggest fan and it seems like blasphemy for me to be using Svedka but they are both fabulous in their own right and to be honest when you're on a budget Svedka is a fantastic vodka that you can buy for under 20 bucks! You'll always be my wife & love Stoli but I unfortunately I am polyamorous and have taken on a mistress!)

1. gallon of your favorite Fresh Apple Cider

several packages of candy canes for garnish.

In a very large punch bowl combine bottle of Svedka with gallon of cider. Ladle over ice, garnish with a candy cane and drink responsibly!! DELICIOSO!


My favorite little gay marketing firm Target 10 also had a fabulous holigay party at the lounge at Elmo! You may know Elmo as it is owned by Bob Pontarelli and Stephen Heighton of Barracuda and now Industry Bar fame!

I have to say I love the lounge at Elmo and Christmas isn't Christmas if I don't attend at least one event there during the season. Plus they make a fierce Blood Orange Cosmo...maybe they'll share a recipe with me so I can pass it on to all of you! It's FIERCE!

The Target 10 Holigay party was a blast and I even met some fabulous ladies from Ink & Roses PR. (See Exhibit B.)

Good times were had by all!!
Pauric & Louise
Matt in a sensible riding cap!


Continuing on through the holigays I was honored to be invited by the Fabulous Paige Turner (click the link & then see exhibits C. D. E.)

to check out Next Magazine's Snowball Event at The Limelight Marketplace.

So I grabbed my besty Gabe, hailed a reindeer and off we went! (see exhibit F)
Although I am a Limelight purist and remember what it was like in the days of yore (& still wish it was that way) I have to say that it's quite beautiful what they have done to the space.

The Snowball event was a blast! Paige Turner did a bang up job of hosting as always, there were tons of giveaways, friendly sales people ready to give you free samples, tiny noshes of grilled veggies and dips, free & DELICIOUS VeeV Spirit drinks (the sage cocktail was my favorite) and last but certainly not least the hot boys of Undergear (see exhibit G) helping Ms. Turner and giving away cute undies and delicious Mango Lip Balms!! Santa was also there somewhere but he definitely was upstaged by his "elves." I love you MARK where ever you are!! sigh...

Shopping highlights were definitely the counter at Mari's New York..try the Thai Coffee Brownie! YUM!! and the OM beauty products...ugh I could've spent a fortune!

Gabe & I

Undergear Elves. (Mark is on the what if he can't talk intelligently about art?)

Me & the boys!

Thank You NEXT Magazine, Paige Turner & VeeV for what was a most fabulous evening!


Speaking of products I have to take a moment to mention Korres Yoghurt Body Butter. (extra moisturising cream for dry skin conditions)

(insert old timey jingle here...ha! it's coming as soon as I can think of it!)

but seriously..

If you haven't discovered Korres RDW (run don't walk) to get some!!! I have to say I'm not a body butter type of gay but I received a bottle as part of a gift and I decided to give it a try as my apartment is freezing so any extra layers I'll take!

Well, since I started using it I've already gone through a bottle and ran out to buy another! I'm OBSESSED! It smells delicious, it's 94.4% natural, and it's doing a bang up job protecting my skin during this winter in NYC!! brrr.

Who would've thought Shea butter, Quince extract, sunflower, avocado & almond oils would make me a body butter junkie? The people at Korres did and you all need to know about it! (no they aren't paying me for this...I'm honestly obsessed)

So spread the work my little gays and gay friendlies!! It comes in all sorts of scents and it's a perfect last minute gift for anyone!!! (well except my family cause if I bought it I'd probably keep it for you're on your own Muñoz family!)
They also have a full line of other body/beauty products!


Other great last minute holigay gift ideas can be found here..

The Original Flask

gifts for food people

My favorite/fabulous gift guide


What else? hmm.. I put up a fabulous little tree named Liza in my tiny apartment...and they said it wouldn't fit! I showed them! (don't you get any ideas...) (see exhibit H)

(exhibit H)

Oh! The Gay Gourmet™ holiday gift box included some fabulous things!

White & dark chocolate Peppermint thin-mint cookies
Martha's Rosemary Carmel Corn (which I was calling Rosemary Clooney Corn)
Figgy Sugar Cookies with a Brandy Glaze (the brandy glaze makes it!)
Salted Pumpkin Caramels (my favorite)
Rainbow Sugar Cookies (recipe to come)
and Pecan Sassies! (orange ginger and sour cherry) (recipe to come)

This took forever to make and put together but it was worth it and if you were lucky enough to get one you know what Im talking about! Even hottie Andy Cohen of Bravo fame tweeted that he got the package and I quote "mmmmm"


Other than that I hope you all have a happy and healthy Christmas/holigay and a safe and prosperous New Year! Drink and Eat your faces off (resposibly of course) cause you can go on the Weight Watchers Pointsplus™ program starting January 1st!

Oh and look how cute my niece Penelope is!!! If this doesn't make you feel all warm, fuzzy and Christmasy I don't know what will!!


  1. Happy holigay! I wish I had one of those gift boxes, how fab!!!

  2. if I had any left over I'd surely send you one..but alas!! maybe next year!