Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things!

Happy 2011 to all of my fabulous followers/readers out there!! I hope everyone had a safe and joyous holiday season & new year!

Now it's back to the grind stone!

Resolutions in place...Intentions set...oh yeah and my BIRTHDAY IS ON JANUARY 5TH!!! WOO!

Since the beginning of this year marks my 30th birthday I figured that I would dedicate my first blog of the year to yours fabulously! MOI!

How often does one get a forum to express what he would truly want for not messing things up too much in the 30 years one has been living?!?! Of course I want all my friends to spend lots of time with me and give me lots of love etc etc but when else can I ask for random presents!?!? Plus it doesn't look like I'm getting married anytime soon (not that it's legal) SO without further adieu...

These are a few of my favorite things...or Better put 30 GOURMET things I want for my Dirty 30th Birthday! (In no particular order) >wink<

(As always Pink = Link! click away on anything that's bold pink!)

1. A Kitchen Aid Mixer
I've been obsessed with this mixer forever! It's stylish, practical & it's time..who knows where I would put it in my tiny apartment but I sure as heck would figure it out!

2. Mini Rice Cooker
Yes I can cook rice the old fashioned way.... Momma Gladys taught me well but when you're working in a kitchen that's 2ft big it would be nice to set and forget so I can focus on other things!

3. Moleskine Recipe Diary
My friend Meaghan received one of these as a gift and I thought what a great idea! I'm a grandma style cooker...meaning I feel and taste my way through cooking which doesn't really help me when I need to translate it to you all so you can make the fabulous things I create! So this would certainly keep me in check.

4. Olive Tree in Italy
I mean...olive oil fresh from the source?!?! Nuff said...DELICIOSO!

5. Benriner Mandoline
I know..I know..why don't I own a good mandoline? Well I do own a mandoline it just there..I need a new one..

6. Fort Lauderdale
My best friend Rich lives & owns a house in Ft. Lauderdale. He's been begging for me to come down forever! Plus this winter baby could sure use a little sunshine!

7. Chicago
My other besty Michael lives in Chi town and although it's cold as heck why not? Lord knows I love me some White boys from the Midwest & Chicago is full of them!

8. Barcelona
If you haven't been go!! It's amazing here and I considered moving when I spent some time there a few years back. Since then I've been dying to go back!!

9. Yves St Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme
This is my new scent! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

10. Bond No. 9 - Chez Bond
This scent smells like sex and that's why I think it's SO expensive! I could be the spokeslady for Bond no.9 Im so obsessed with it!

11. Korres
I recently discovered Korres body butter and once again I'm obsessed! Most if not all of their stuff is 90+% all natural and deeeeeeeelicious!

12. Face to Face NYC
I've been stalking Face to Face NYC Spa since it opened and although I've never been I hear great things daily! Don't you think I should be pampered as I turn 30?!?! I do!

13. Wonder Woman Cuff
Okay...So this is a little ridiculous I KNOW! But ever since I discovered nOir Jewelery and after receiving their Archer Sword Necklace for Christmas I'm completely obsessed! And really?!? That cuff is fierce enough to battle the trials & tribulations of New York City Life!

14. Blowfish Tee & 15. Gay Pride Tee
I Heart! I mean they foster and support creativity and the T-shits are fab & funny! Plus if they run out of my size (small) you can request a reprint!! So Cool!

16. Kenneth Cole or Steve Madden Brown Oxfords
I need a brown shoe in my life and I love these..nuff said.

17. Bow Ties from Beau Ties
They have the cutest bow ties and I look cute in cute bow ties!

18. Alexander McQueen Cuff Links
What?!?! I'm totally an accessory whore!

19. Toys from Toys in Babeland
It can't be my Dirty 30th if there isn't something scandelous on my list! Every boy needs some personal accessories to live! I told you I'M AN ACCESSORY WHORE! Nuff said!

20. Pajama Jeans
I'm just curious! Are they really that comfortable? and really if I hate them I get to keep the gray crew neck tee just for trying! PAJAMA JEANS!

21. Ikea Armoire
I just need a new smaller but taller one so i can maybe put in a little more counter space in my tiny apartment.

22. This Gay Gourmet LP Framed
Marie Merrington may have been the original Gay Gourmet but I'm sure as hell trying to lead a close second! I need this LP for inspiration and to pray to Marie for guidance!

23. A Cake from LuLu Cake Boutique
Everything is so delicious here!! Check out my previous blog Concrete Jungle Where Cakes are Made for a full review or just stop in cause it's SOOOO GOOD!

24. Andy Cohen to walk in with the cake from Lulu!
I mean he's funny, super cute & gay! What could be better?!?!

25. Lecresia Campbell right behind him singing Happy Birthday & Lonely Old Woman is the only thing that could possibly be better! Click the lonely old woman vid link...Uh-mazing!

26. An Endless Supply of Gay Gourmet™ Wrapping paper
When my other besty Johnny gave my faboo necklace for Christmas he wrapped it in this fabulous wrapping paper that had me all over it! I love it!

27. Apple TV
Does this really need an explanation?

28. The Nanny Entire Series on DVD
I love Fran Dresher and this series! I watch it like it's my job!

29. An Endless supply of Molton Brown Blu Maquis Hand Soap & Lush Snowcake!
I know these are two things but they are both soaps! SO just deal! Molton Brown Hand soaps and hand creams are delicious, although expensive, for everyday use and definitely makes me feel papmered! And soaps from LUSH are indescribably amazing & delicious!

30. A Broadway Contract...fiiiine...I'll settle for a Gay Gourmet™ T.V. deal.
Really though..
More recipes, videos, production numbers, Franklys and Gourmet findings to come in 2011!!

Lastly for any of you out there that want to give on this joyous 30th year you can by tweeting me up all week!! @thegaygourmet then tag #BigGayBirthday #TheGayGourmet

Stay tuned as I'm working on lot's exciting things just for you this year!!!

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz
The Gay Gourmet™

©Michael Munoz 2011

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  1. The only thing I can comment on is the Kitchen Aid mixer. Loves it! It makes me happy. lol But it's huge. Lucky for me I have a big country kitchen. ;)