Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gourmet Discovery!! - The Gay Gourmet!™

So I was perusing the interweb and I came across this new friendly blog called TwoBewts. It's a little bit of everything and once you get past the funny spelling of words and are jiving with the lingo (I feel old all of a sudden) you realize it'll definitely be a fun and informative look at what's happening around us if it keeps going!

I mention this not only because it's fun but also because I came across a video which I am newly obsessed with! Ms. Syndee Winters is giving us a fun new gance track...yes I said GANCE! Gay + Dance = Gance...learn it! And let me tell you if Kim Zolciak can have a hit with Tardy for the Party (which I love..who are you to judge me?) Syndee Winters can be a superstar with Gimme (What I like).

She's cute, the video is fun, it makes me wanna shake my booty and Gimme (What I Like) makes me crave bad know...Buffalo WIngs.. Fried Cheese Curds.. Ranch Dressing...Nachos.. YES GERL GIMME WHAT I LIKE!! OOOOH YEEEES!!

Anywho, I digress... really.. the girl can sing... How do I know? She's a working musical theatre actor...on quality it's no joke folks..just read her resume on her website!

Or Just watch the video and gay it forward!

Oh an remember you heard/saw it here first cause this girl is gonna BLOW UP!

And No she's not a friend of mine...yet..

Gaying it Forward & Deliciously Living!

Michael Muñoz
The Gay Gourmet™

©2011 Michael Muñoz

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