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Queery The Gay Gourmet Vol 2!! BRUNCH!

So the other day on Twitter Ms. Alix Davis (@AlixDavis) of Seattle Washington, who runs a blog called 23rd Somewhere Olive, tweeted me asking me how to make Eggs Benedict for her brunch this weekend. So I decided to whip up a quick blog for my friendly little chica follower and all of you..

So here's the thing... Poached Eggs = easy to make... Canadian bacon (or spinach or salmon) = also easily done... Toast = OMG So easy.. Traditional Hollandaise Sauce = really not easy to make.. let me take you through all of this info.

Okay so you want to get your favorite bread to start.. English muffins are the traditional way in this dish and they are delicious but a crusty bread sliced up could really work nicely AND you could take a garlic clove after you toast it up and rub it all up on there to give it something a little extra! I'm gonna call that some gay pizzaz! Easy right?!?! yes!

Next if you are making traditional Eggs Benedict it calls for Canadian Bacon - lightly grease a pan and preheat over medium high..when pan is hot but oil is NOT smoking throw the Canadian Bacon in till browned on each side..about two mins or so each side! EASY!

Eggs Florentine call for sauteed Spinach - Grease a non stick pan and preheat over medium high... Throw dry, fresh, spinach in the pan and let wilt. Stir every so often with some tongs.. As it's cooking you can mix in a couple fresh chopped garlic cloves or a little lemon juice or both! EASY!

Eggs Montreal (I've seen it referred to as Norwegian as well) call for smoked salmon..just go to the store and buy it..SOOO EASY!

I could go on but let's not complicate things here..just yet.

SO You wanna poach some eggs watch this video!

4 cups water
1 Tbs White Vinegar
Eggs crack individualy into a bowl
plate covered in tea towel or paper towels

Combine water and vinegar into a sauce pot and bring to a boil. Once the water is boiling create whirlpool by stirring water with the back of a wooden spoon or other apparatus. (Thank you momma Gladys!) Slowly drop egg in the whirlpool from bowl. Cook for 4 mins. Remove with Slotted Spoon onto plate with paper towels or tea towel. Cover with tented foil to keep warm.

Onto the Hollandaise Sauce.. it's hard I'm not gonna lie but in doing some research I found two recipes that were all reviewed as the easiest and tastiest way to make it! Here is one from that is real close to the traditional way to make this sauce

Hollandaise via Epicurious

I took me a good while to get it..cause first time through it certainly curdled! But never fear cause you just need to budget some extra time if you F it up.

The other recipe I found was from and you make it in a blender. I haven't had a moment to try it but it seems like people really like it and it works!! After reading the comments make sure your butter is real hot then pour it in slowly in small batches!! Careful not to burn the butter!! Hollandaise!

If you just want to be lazy go buy some McCormick powdered Hollandaise and doctor it up a little..throw some fresh dill in there or some cayenne pepper...Not ideal but in a pinch.. (It'll be our little secret ladies!!)

The order you want to do things is pour your self a Hendricks Bloody Maraget and begin Make hollandaise. Keep warm sitting on stove, start to boil water to poach eggs, make Canadian bacon or the like, throw the bread in toaster or oven, poach eggs, remove toast, assemble & serve!

Good Luck Alix and thanks for the QUEERY!!

You too can Queery The Gay Gourmet™!! Feel free to tweet me @thegaygourmet or email me @

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz
The Gay Gourmet

©2011 Michael Muñoz

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