Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Concrete jungle where cakes are made...."

I love New York. I was born here, I was raised here & I probably will die here. Yes I'm one of those avid crazy NYer's with a lot of pride whose skinny gay ass will throw down at any moment if someone's got something else to say about it. Don't mess with my city! Phew! Now that that's out of the way we can move on to the moral of today's story.

One of the main reasons I love NY is because it's forever changing. Seasons, culture, vibes, neighborhoods, fashions, etc etc, things and trends just have this even flow here. It's the same with food. One minute it's sushi & the next it's tapas and so on. I think Nyer's benefit the most from the changing food trends as they could walk down a span of 5 blocks and have a choice between anything they've ever wanted or stumble upon something they didnt even know they wanted but now has given them a life/food changing experience!


This is what happened to me. I was strolling down 8th ave due north on the cat walk towards 23rd st as it was a nice day and I had just picked up a sandwich from one of my favorite places SWITCH! (the cat walk is that strip of 8th ave in Chelsea, aka the Gayborhood, between 14th st and 23rd st where you need to strut your stuff & look your best cause you don't know what hot man you will see, meet and have him carry you away - brief history of the catwalk to follow in another blog) I digress. So as I was giving you full runway walk I came across LuLu Cake Boutique. This place adorned with couture cakes, bustling with people, smelling of the best sex you've ever had completely and immediately caught my attention and I had to see more!

Upon entering it is baked good overload and all I wanted to do was eat everything in site! Sorry SWITCH but you were completely upstaged by my ongoing love affair with sugar. I mean I saw red velvet whoopie pies and maybe even a red velvet devil dogs. WHAT?!? I didn't know where to begin! Oh yes! The attractive man behind the counter wearing pink! Ill take two of those please! His name is Jay and he is part owner of this little piece of heaven. He was uber kind amidst being super busy with taking personal orders, answering questions and tending to little ol' me! They had only been open 3 days and you would think this was Mecca! But Jay and his partner are old pros as they have two other locations!

So what did I eat?

Well Jay was kind enough to let me sample a most delicious Chocolate Truffle Cupcake with a dark chocolate ganache. I mean the cake was so moist and the ganache..i wont go into detail but i would have done dirty dirty things with it if i wasn't in public.

The other thing I tried was what he called a Power Peanut butter Blondie. This is for all you meathead gym bunnies out there who still have a little fat girl living inside of them! With 15 grams of protein this is like nothing youve ever tasted. Surprisingly light, creamy textured, and not overwhelming, I'd eat this as if it were my job! Plus if your protein intake isn't what it should be (dont you get any ideas..) this is a nice substitute!

Overall this was one of those NY experiences that I didn't want to end! Run dont walk ladies! I dont care if you're wearing your Louboutins! Thanks Jay for making my month!! Oh and call me.... >wink<

Lulu Cake Boutique 112 8th Ave (bet 15th & 16th St.) NYC 10011 212.242.LULU

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  1. You know I'm a plus sized model who loves a baked good from time to time. I might have to walk it down hiney.