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So I figured I would just pass the word along cause as you all know I love my good friend Penny who is a lifetime member and many of you have been asking what I know about the new PointsPlus™ program that's being instituted very shortly!

Well in doing some research and with the help of Penny I found another fabulous blogger Lisa Lillien (aka Hungry Girl) who had this to say about what's to come of the new plan:

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: An All-New Weight Watchers Plan Is Here!

There have been a lot of rumors circulating about Weight Watchers' plans to completely overhaul its famous POINTS® program. Well, the new PointsPlus™ program has finally arrived, and we are SUPER-EXCITED! The new plan takes protein and carbs into consideration when calculating a food's value -- not just fat and fiber. Since emerging science establishes that the body processes each of these nutrients differently, the new values will be more effective in terms of weight loss. Some foods have higher values than they did on the old plan, but you get a bigger "points budget" to work with. And -- HUGE news -- just like most veggies, all fruit has a PointsPlus™ value of ZERO!!!! (That's right, people. Enjoy those ZERO PointsPlus™ value BANANAS. AHHHHHHH!) The plan also emphasizes what it calls Power Foods, stuff that's both filling and healthy. The WW plan is still super-flexible, but it's designed to help you make smarter food choices without even thinking about it. THAT ROCKS. Look for new PointsPlus™ values rolling out VERY soon in your HG emails, and consult Weight Watchers for all the details on the new plan. Congrats, WW!

I agree! Congrats WW! Like I said in my Cookin' for Penny Blog, upon entering the food blog world I wanted to try to appeal and help as many people as possible come up with new food ideas and enjoy eating, learning and cooking! I tried WW via all the info I found online to see what it was like to be on one of these commercial diets. I picked this one especially cause I knew of so may success stories. It's a FANTASTIC program that No.1 does help you make good eating choices with out thinking about it too much and No.2 Helps you lose weight healthily and quickly!

This new plan sounds FANTASTIC and I'm super excited/cant wait to see what it holds and how I can adjust all my food to fit it's needs!! Till then my little hungry happy(gay) followers live deliciously!! You can also read up about the plan at these sites...PINK = Link click away!! Oh and Stay tuned for more Cookin for Penny Segments/Weight Watcher® Addendums to come!!

Weight Watchers

The Examiner

USA Today

Wall Street Journal

There is a video as well - click here

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