Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eating my feelings - The Gay Gourmet!™

The most successful of food bloggers are those that let you glimpse into their lives and tell you how food plays into that. The blogs that I read a full of fun stories about family, children, parties and the like. But how much is that really a glimpse into peoples real lives? I'm not saying that people don't live like that, myself included, but where is the real stuff? The "hot topics" if you will or the real life where people aren't always necessarily happy but through the struggle, however large or small, and with the comfort of friends, family and food they make it through!

Ooo do you feel a serioso tone a'comin'?!?! HA! (Now would be a good time to turn on Jay Brannan - if you don't know who he is press play video below and read on! He's Hot, gay & sets quite a mood!)

Let's refresh! We all know that I'm a Brooklyn, NYC born and bred musical theatre boy who has always had a passion for food, singing, dancing, making sock puppets and I don't own a Kitchen-Aid Mixer. (You'd think by now someone would've sent me one)

Since I've started this food blogging endeavor I've been blessed with the support of a countless number of people whom I know and don't. I have a ton to be thankful for in my social life, my theatre career and my food career. So then what's the problem?


From my father, to guy friends who were not what they seemed to be to boyfriends and the like who seem to do me wrong, the list is long but still I manage to be fabulous! But who cares right? I mean there are more fish in the sea, they are a dime a dozen, and there will always be more, right? Sure....

Most recently I've disappeared of the blog chart for a couple weeks as I came down from National Cookie Week, immersed myself in too much awful/mindless work and was taken surprise by a minor bout of sadness due to the end of a complicated relationship that I didn't realize I was very emotionally attached to. SAY WHAT? Basically a break up... whether he realizes that or not. Let the eating/weight gain begin.

Eating My Feelings...

Once upon a time there was a boy who picked me up one Thanksgiving eve a year and a half ago. We dated for a good 6 months before we mutually decided we frustrated each other because we were so different personality wise. I wanted to go out socialize and dance and he wanted to stay in more often than not. Silly, I know. But I need people like I need air and he gets sleepy by 10pm. Not a good match, I agree..or so I thought.

Fast forward through a year of still sleeping together, hanging out, going out...yes going out and mutually prompted! I would say by the time April '11 came around we were everything we should've been/I wanted for us when we started dating. We got each other and were having an amazing time. I mean but we were broken up, no? We went on dates with other guys here or there... but we always came back...but we were broken up...

So then why when I proposed trying again with this strong connection we built over the past year and a half and he said nope, did that unexpectedly hit me like a ton of bricks? Or could it be that words/phrases/labels like breaking up and boyfriends really don't mean anything?


I have some pretty amazing friends. They will be there at the drop of a hat and when ish goes down they can certainly help you forget...with the help of a lot of liquor and bad but really good food. I mean from some of NYC's best pizza, to burgers, to the largest Italian meal for 2 at Arturo's that you've ever seen. I quit goin' to the gym and gave in to the fat girl that hides inside me.

But in living and getting over all of this I was thinking, why do the most delicious things have to make us fat?!?! NO FAIR!!

So now that I'm feeling rejuvenated & The Gay Gourmet!™ is getting his groove back; I want to provide you with comfort foods that are delicious without the fat. In other words weight watchers friendly but don't taste it!

One of my favorite things that is a go to of mine when down and out or just letting the fat girl loose are hamburgers! I mean who doesn't love a meaty juicy piece of meat?

Here is a creation that is only 6 PointsPlus™ on the Weight Watchers® richter scale, if I calculated right, and oh so good! Basically it's a really healthy meal that may not come across as such!

Gay Gourmet!™ Burgers with Mango Salsa

2.25 lbs of 75% lean ground beef, pork, veal blend.
2 TBS of garlic puree (or about 1 head chopped/grated)
a handful of fresh cilantro, chopped
1 Egg White
1 TBS Mexican Hot Sauce (I used Valentina Salsa Picante)
Salt & Pepper (about a TBS + each)
Red leaf or Boston bib lettuce instead of a bun.
Blue Cheese & 1 avocado for garnish.

In a large bowl combine all ingredients (except clue cheese & avocado) and mix by hand. Take tennis ball sized portions and form into patties!

Make a small well/indent in the top of the patties. You should end up with 8 (4.5oz) patties. In a hot grill pan greased with some non-stick spray, over medium heat, place patties and cook for about 5 mins each side.

Garnish with...

Mango Salsa

In India Mangos symbolize love & fertility, Buddha was said to have found peace in a mango grove and for centuries mangos have been related to spiritual health! I mean could I have chosen a better food for an achy heart?!?!

5 firm plum tomatoes (de-seeded & cubed)
2 medium sized mangos (cubed)
5 Jalepeños (de-seeded and finely diced)
1 small to medium Red Onion (diced, then washed)
1 TBS Olive Oil
! TBS Lime Juice
zest of one small lime
1 tsp. of Mexican Hot Sauce (I used Valentina Salsa Picante)
Salt & Pepper to taste

In a bowl combine tomatoes, mangos, jalepeños and onion, (You wash the onion after you dice it as it washes off the sulfur that you broke up when you cut it and makes it less pungent), in a bowl and toss. Add Olive Oil, lime juice, zest, hot sauce and S & P. (P.S. Don't add lime juice till ready to serve)

Putting it together...

On a large washed lettuce leaf place burger and take 1/4 of avocado (thinly sliced) and place on top of burger. Then take a heaping tablespoon of the salsa, a very tiny bit of crumbled blue cheese and the other lettuce and place on top of burger! ENJOY!

You can also make this a healthy 10 point dinner by adding my baked sweet potato fries to the side!!

I guess the question it came down to in the end was..

Am I eating my feelings or an I just trying to feed my hunger to be loved?

Either way at least if I keep eating like this that beach bod & the boys will be back in no time!

As for the boy...yea I'm still a little sad but as Bea Arthur so funnily, yet eloquently, put it ...

WHAT?!?! I'm gay and by default I have the right to be over dramatic! :)

C'est La Vie love...

I guess I'll have to be fabulous by myself for now!

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz
The Gay Gourmet!™
Michael Muñoz 2011
Photos by Michael Muñoz and his 35mm Pentax ©2011


  1. Hang in there, give that inner fat girl a beat down and keep blogging. That mango salsa looks delish and the Bea clip is beyond fabulous.

  2. aww thanks for your support Lora!! You made my morning! Kiss!