Monday, March 28, 2011

Put It In Me!!! - Vol. 2 An Ode To Chocolate - The Gay Gourmet!™

Oh chocolate
how I love thee
the decadent the better
it fills me with glee

I love all your incarnations
from dark to white
just like I like my men
tasty and full of delight

Oh chocolate
how I do indeed love thee
you'll always be in my heart
especially when you come from a place called

-Michael "the poet" Muñoz

So I'm a little bit of a douche because a while ago I won a 20 dollar gift certificate from Snack Girl to a wonderful design your own chocolate bar site and I completely forgot to blog about how amazing my experience was.

First off a shout out and a huge thank you goes out to my hot sister blogger Snack Girl! Without you I would have not started my obsession with Chocri! Maybe I should be cursing your name instead?? hahhaha.. Visit her here.. SNACKALICIOUS!

So you may be askin' yourself what is this Chocri you speak of? Well it's the world's first design your own chocolate bar company and boy do they know what they are doin! You can read more about how they started by just clicking About

In my order I created 2 bars, both dark, one with Bourbon Vanilla and sour cherries and the other I call Ms. Coco-berry Rita! aka Coco-strawberry Margarita Bar. It had strawberries and coconut of course, lime drops, and fluer du sel! It was a taste of summer in the dead of winter that was for sure! SO FREAKIN' GOOD! The Vanilla Cherry one was slightly reminiscent of a Raisinete in the best/fanciest way possible as Chorci chocolate is worlds beyond better than Nestle. It definitely brought me back to the days of sitting on my stoop in Brooklyn with my friends. Yes that doesn't only happen in the commercials/movies.

My experience from start to finish with Chocri was exceptional! They even wrote me an email to check up on how my bars arrived! What?!?! Who does that? They do. May they prosper forever cause I certainly can't wait till I get my hands on another bar!

Seeming how much I love this product I figured it was time for another contest so I can spread the love! Here are the deets...

Spread the Chocri Love Contest!

1. Contest begins today Monday March 28th & ends Friday April 8th at 12pm.

2. What do you win?!? A 20 dollar gift cert. provided by yours truely!

3. How do I enter?!?! well here's what you gotta do..

a. Click this link CHOCOLATE and check out Chocri. Have fun creating chocolate bar ideas! CLICK THE CHOCOLATE

Then come back here and leave a comment about what you think would be a good Gay Gourmet!™ inspired chocri bar! It can be anything! The more creative and fun the more chance you will have to win!

Ways to double, triple or quadruple your chances?

a. Goto my Facebook page, like me and leave a comment (if you already like me there just leave a comment) Appropriate comments can be "Put It In me" "I heart Chocolate" "Attention Whore!" "Silly Gay Gourmet!™" etc.

b. Tweet this post and tag me in it! @thegaygourmet

c. Share this post on Facebook and tag me in it!

4. Winner will be selected at random on Friday April 8th.

5. The most eager, creative, fun and delicious sounding will win!

You're time!! Good luck & God Speed!!

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz
The Gay Gourmet!™

©2011 Michael Muñoz


  1. Gay Gourmet:

    White Chocolate with
    + Strawberry Bits
    + Cinnamon
    + Macadamia Nuts
    + Mini Heart Decoration
    + Sprinkles

  2. Sizzleicious:

    Milk and White Chocolate with
    + Raisins
    + Cinnamon
    + Macadamia Nuts
    + Chocolate Sizzle Rocks
    + Gummy Bears

  3. Great Combos! But who posted this?!?! You can't win without a name attached!

  4. I'm gonna play for fun.

    "Spicy Boricua"

    Dark Chocolate (dark is always better) with

    -Ground Chili
    -Coconut Flakes
    -Roasted Almonds
    -Ground Coffee Beans
    -Real Gold Flakes

    copyright: Margarita Charro Productions